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Who are these guys, anyway?

Handsome Hawk is a high-energy east-end GTA acoustic duo who play an amazing range of your favourite songs from the 1960s through 2000s.  Check out their songs page.

Sean McShane and Jay Moonah - Handsome Hawk

Sean McShane
(vocals, guitar, mandolin & percussion) and Jay Moonah (vocals, bass, harmonica, guitar & percussion) have played together since 2005 as members of the all-80s acoustic band The McFlies.

Upcoming shows

More to come, stay tuned!

Have a Listen!

Handsome Hawk use every available limb to make more noise than two guys should legally be allowed to.  Guitar and bass are supplemented with foot percussion, vocal harmonies and harmonica leads.

Here are a bunch of songs recorded 'live' in the basement -- no overdubs, no studio tricks, no extra musicians.

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